Series: The Shining Path

10 Levels

A modern series in teaching Islamic studies, consisting of ten levels (from kindergarten - eighth level).


It contains Islamic manners and literature, and teaches the implementation of the five pillars of Islam in a simple way.

Islamic values

Defining what Islam contains of human values ​​and the virtues of morality.

Real life practice

It has section for the biography of the prophets and messengers, and how to draw a lessons and benefits.

Everyday Dua’a

It contains the sayings and supplications (Dua’a) that a Muslim needs in his life.

Review & assessment

Each lesson improves the student’s skills, and there is an assessment at the end of each unit.

Specific themes

It contains the following themes: Aqeda (Belief) - Hadith - Fiqh - Prophetic biography - Islamic etiquette - ethics and manners.

Friend of a student

Uses simple Arabic language, and helps teachers explain concepts and how to apply in the real life.

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